A sneak peek at our new cake studio
29 Mar 2016

A sneak peek at our new cake studio


It has been a crazy few weeks here, hence the delay in posting my blogs recently, as we have been redecorating the studio and other parts of the shop that our customers don’t generally get to see. When we moved into the new premises last July we were in the midst of wedding season, so we focused on getting the place up to 5 star Environmental Health hygiene standards rather than making it look pretty. However, after months of working in a magnolia studio (and pestering Dave to let me change it), I have finally had the opportunity to create the studio/grandma’s house style work space I had been dreaming of!

We are very proud of the fact that we bake and decorate everything here by hand, with no products being bought in or repackaged as our own. This means we can cater for allergies and intolerances because we know exactly what goes into each and every one of our cakes. We also make all of our cake decorations by hand: everything you see on our website and social media pages has been hand made and painted by us, here in the shop.

Sorry this is such a short, dare I say it, boring blog post today guys, but the refurbishment of the shop has meant I haven’t had five minutes to get my regular post up and running. I will be back with more informative, cake related articles as of next week.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.



Vanilla Nova

From Southport.