Decorate your own wedding cake!
09 Nov 2015

Decorate your own wedding cake!

We’ve had a lot of enquiries recently about plain wedding cakes for brides to decorate themselves, so we’ve come up with a “blank canvas” cake that you can either decorate yourself or provide your flowers/decorations and we’ll pop them on for you. We have a three tier cake for £199 and a four tier option for £249 (both of which work out taller and cheaper than the high Street alternative) and they come fully doweled and stacked, ready for decoration. You can choose from vanilla, lemon or chocolate and can have a different flavour for each tier. The picture here is of our four tier option complete with foam flowers from the fabulous Joanne at If you want to have a go at decorating your own, suspect you will have flowers left over from your florist, or just want to keep things simple, then this is the cake for you.


Vanilla Nova

From Southport.