Drippy drippy cakes!
17 May 2016

Drippy drippy cakes!


This week I finally caved and made an Instagram favourite: the drippy cake! Whilst these are very popular in Australia right now, I hadn’t seen many over here that have embraced the use of vibrant colours (primarily because most brighter shades are banned by the EU, but that’s another rant for another day).

The great thing about these cakes is that they can either be iced in fondant, which holds bright colours beautifully and is delicious with vanilla cakes, or in coloured chocolate ganache, which doesn’t colour so well but could be used to create beautiful watercolour effects in the chocolate. Thinking about it, this would look incredible as a wedding cake in lighter hues with creamy white chocolate running down the top. If you’re having one as a birthday cake, most colours can be used, the brighter, the better! You don’t have to stick with the melted ice cream on the top, you could have big, swirly lollipops, shards of coloured chocolate, flowers made from chocolate fondant, pretty much anything.

So, if you’re looking for a birthday cake without a specific “theme” and that’s a bit different, then this could be the one for you. We can tailor the colours and flavours to you, so give us a call if you fancy a cake that’s a bit off the wall.


Have a great week,



Vanilla Nova

From Southport.