Geek Week!
06 Apr 2016

Geek Week!


We have had one hell of a fun week when it comes to our wedding cakes, with plenty of cartoon graphics, Star Wars, even a bit of Peppa Pig! This got me thinking about all the fun, comic themed cakes we have done over the last few years. Back when we opened in 2011, we would have the odd couple come in asking for a comic/book themed wedding cake, but they would be after subtle elements rather than an outright theme. Much to my delight, as time has gone on, these cakes have gotten bigger, louder, and more fun!

The great thing about wedding cakes nowadays is you are no longer obliged to go down the traditional route if you don’t want to. You can go all out bright, metallic, with huge splashes of colour, and add an element of fun to your wedding. I love it when our clients come in with a story or comic that they really enjoy and ask us to throw a bucket load of their personalities into their cake design. It’s a wonderful way of adding an extra wow factor to your day without going too over the top by having a post vow light sabre fight and having your minister dress as Darth Vader (not that that wouldn’t be awesome, but you see where I’m going here). If you didn’t want to go the whole hog, you could always have a 50/50 cake, which are proving extremely popular this year, and have one side in a traditional design and one side in a fun theme. We have plenty of this sort of design on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but please note that you are not limited to these designs and can have whatever theme you want.

Not into comics but still like this idea? Well what about movies? Songs? Cartoons? Places? The sky really is the limit! And whilst we’re speaking of sky, if one of you wants a cake that is half traditional and half Disney’s “Up” then I will probably be your best friend forever. In fact, I love any half and half design, so if you’re looking for this sort of thing then drop me a message with some ideas and we’ll get on it!


Have a great week guys!


Vanilla Nova

From Southport.