Gorgeous health/wellbeing offers from lovely people we work with
21 Feb 2017

Gorgeous health/wellbeing offers from lovely people we work with

OK, so this blog is primarily about cake, but today is a little different. I work with some fabulous people who offer some amazing services and, as someone who pushes cake on people on a daily basis, I feel it’s only right for me to pass these on in case any of you are lying on your sofa in a cake-induced coma, cursing the day you walked into my shop.

For starters, Maghull Health Studios have put together a “Shredding for the Wedding” package which involves training, health advice and hot yoga. This is actually where I go myself and, as someone who eats (sorry, I mean, makes) cake for a living, they look after me pretty well. Susie and the staff there are lovely and the yoga classes are gorgeous. Don’t forget, this isn’t just about weight loss, exercising on the run up to your wedding is great for keeping stress at bay and provides an excellent distraction from making 26379372 wedding invitations and sorting a seating plan that keeps Great Aunt Gladys from being sat next to any guest she hates (which is about 90% of them).


Speaking of staying calm, Louisa at Louisa Brown Holistics in Ormskirk has put together a Blissed Out Bride package for when you just can’t take any more wedding planning. I have been seeing Louisa for nearly a year now and she is wonderful, you can go in there feeling like you want to watch the world burn, but you float out of her treatment room feeling ready to take on that bridesmaid who just doesn’t like her dress and is being difficult as heck. Details of Louisa’s offer can be found down here ?

Blissed out bride
This package has been specifically put together to relax the mind and body in preparation for the big day, not only that, this treatment experience aims to give you a natural face lift so you will look fresh faced and fabulous as well as totally chilled.

Starting the treatment with a body brush to the back to improve circulation and leave the skin looking smoother & brighter.

Starting with the back this massage begins to work the muscles releasing tension and soothing the mind, warmed coconut oil is blended with ylang ylang, grapefruit and sandalwood essential oils and drizzled onto the back. This beautiful calming aroma enhances relaxation letting you drift away. The massage continues to the shoulders and neck area where stretching and releasing massage techniques help you to let go of all tension in these areas.

Turning over now to continue the treatment with a massage of the face and scalp, a blend of techniques including acupressure and facial reflexology as well as the massage techniques of Anma, the traditional system of massage in Japan, and Ayurveda the ancient Indian healing method lift the muscles of the face to give a natural face lift, rejevinate the skin, prevent and reduce facial wrinkles and age spots, improve the complexion and remove toxins from the face. The surface of the face is treated as well as the deep facial tissues. A deeply relaxing experience.

The treatment ends with a signature heavenly foot massage
Open 7 days a week
1 hour 30 minutes £67
2 hours £75
Call 07966688465 or email louisabrownholistictherapies@gmail.com to book

So if the wedding planning is getting you down or tiring you out, I hope one (or both) of these can help you. Sadly, I do not carry cake with me on a daily basis, so if you catch my van outside the gym and happen to be in the same class as me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to slip you a slice of red velvet whilst you’re in your downward dog.


Wishing you all a fabulous week


Vanilla Nova

From Southport.