New flavour alert!
27 Jan 2016

New flavour alert!


It’s January, it’s cold and it’s wet, all of which were perfect excuses for us to spend some time in the kitchen experimenting with new, alcohol based flavours.

We decided to run with the seasons and came up with a Summer inspired Champagne and Strawberry sponge, with champagne infused jam and cream. For Autumn, we created a Salted Caramel and Irish Cream cake, which comprises of a brown sugar sponge filled with Irish Cream frosting and a runny salted caramel layer. Finally, for Winter, it had to be Black Forest Cherry Liquor cake, which is a moist dark chocolate sponge filled with Cherry brandy buttercream and a Morello cherry preserve. You may have noticed an absence of a Spring based cake, but can assure you that we will be releasing one soon along with a couple of other new flavours.

Each of these new flavours are part of our new premium line of cakes and fillings, which will cost a little more than our regular flavours. The current flavours included in our standard price bracket are vanilla, lemon, chocolate fudge, butterscotch and bakewell, so there is still a huge variety of flavours to choose from if you want to stay alcohol free.

We have so many new products and flavours on the way, so keep an eye on our blog for regular updates 🙂


Vanilla Nova

From Southport.