What’s the deal with gender reveal cakes?
10 May 2016

What’s the deal with gender reveal cakes?


A couple of weeks ago now we were asked to make a gender reveal cake for a couple expecting a little one later this year. As a cake blog addict myself, I was aware of these cakes and their huge popularity in the States, but haven’t heard of many being ordered on this side of the pond.

So how do they work? Well, there are two ways you can do about this depending on your level of patience and how much of a surprise you want! The traditional method sounds complicated, but can be worth it for a huge “wow” moment: when you go for your scan, you ask the nurse not to tell you the gender, and to write it on a piece of paper before sealing it in an envelope. You then take the envelope to your baker, and ask them to bake a pink tinted sponge for a girl, or a blue tinted sponge for a boy. The cake is then decorated in a neutral or ambiguous fashion as not to reveal the gender. The couple then hold a baby reveal party, where the cake is cut and everyone finds out the gender at the same time. This is a great way to include all of your family and friends, as taking 50-odd people in to your scan appointment is frowned upon. Plus everyone gets a slice of delicious cake as they celebrate the upcoming arrival of the baby boy or girl.

The other method, which is just as exciting, is for the couple to find out the gender at their scan, not tell family and friends, and then have the cake baked/reveal party as per the above. This is still a wonderful way to involve everyone, and stop both prospective grandmothers having a handbag fight over who finds out the gender first. All joking aside though, either method is a wonderfully warm and festive way of sharing a special and momentous moment with all the people you care about.

With regards to designs, the sky really is the limit, but it is advised that you stay as neutral as possible. Some couples go for a plain white iced cake, whereas others go for a mixture of two colours. Either way, any decent baker will sit down with you and go through a detailed design before you book.

Wishing you all a great week.


P.s for those who were wondering, the cake in the picture was blue inside 🙂


Vanilla Nova

From Southport.